Indoor Spot Alarm PA-SI77

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User Manual of Indoor Spot Alarm PA-SI77

Indoor Spot Alarm PA-SI77



  • Two-in-one design for flash siren: Alarm main panel and Flash siren.
  • Alarm volume: 120 dB.
  • Easy to operate for arm, disarm and emergency help (SOS).
  • Radio receiving frequency: 433 MHz.
  • It will alarm with flash when there is an alarm.
  • As an alarm control panel, wirelessly connected to the alarm accessories – for example, wireless remote controller, and wireless door sensor. They are learning codes.


How to learn the code of the accessories to the alarm control panel?

Note: We have already coded the detectors to the alarm panel in the kit before delivery. If you want to add more detectors, or re-code again, please do it according to the following steps:


  1. Connect the adapter to the alarm control panel, it will have a beep. It shows connection is successful.
  2. There is a small black point on the left side of control panel. Press the black point for 3 seconds.  With a long beep it enters into the coding status. Now it is time to check in the accessories. Please trigger the detectors one after one (Turn on the PIR Sensor, or separate the two parts of door sensor, trigger the remote controller, max can code with 99 wireless detectors).
  3. Please press the black point for 3 seconds again to exit after finishing the coding.


How to delete all coded information?

If you need to delete coded information, just press the black point for more than 5 seconds, until you hear a long beep which indicates deleted successfully.


Use of remote controller:

  1. Arming button – press it to arm system. Siren will have a short ring.
  2. Disarm button – press it to disarm system. Siren will have two short rings.
  3. Panic button – press it and siren will start to ring continuously, alarming the others.



  • Indoor Spot Alarm PA-SI77 system can work with door gap sensors, PIR sensors, smoke/gas detectors, and glass break sensors, and most of wireless detectors. It can work with 99 accessories in total.
  • Does Not Come With Rechargeable Backup Battery.
  • With a Limited Waterproof Function, PA-SI77 Home Alarm System Can Be Installed Outdoor Too Under Certain Circumstances.





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