Panic Button Alarm System – PP-SB32

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Features of Panic Button Alarm System – PP-SB32


Panic Button Alarm - PP-SB32

Don’t want to race for survival? Buy GSM Panic Button Alarm; it alerts your loved ones if there’s a threat to you, or to your property. In the market, it’s also known as “One Step Emergency Notice Activation”. Usually, people use it for their elders, who’re struggling with severe health conditions or on the wheel chair. It allows them to act immediately if their elders need their aid at once. If you’re also worried regarding your parents’ health, get it. I assure you; it would banish your worries forever, and give your parents a sense of security too.


The best thing regarding GSM Panic Button Alarm is that you can wear it as a bracelet or necklace, and summon your friends, or family members, in case you feel any danger. It’s specifically a gift for those who fight with severe heart conditions and require continuous attention all the time. And, if they live alone, the panic button alarm is the need of their lives too – 24/7. Now, of course, it has various other uses; you can impel your significant other to use it, if he/she is breathing in the insecure place, or unknown territory. You can obligate your children to use it too, if they mostly live alone in the home.


All in all, the only limit is your imagination; it’s a fortune, and it has various benefits. So, don’t expect the superman to come and save you, trust on GSM Panic Button Alarm. It’s that superman which is only protecting you, and keeping you in contact with your loved ones…


Now, allow me to share some of its excellent features.


GSM Panic Button Alarm Features


It’s basically designed for elders and medical use. If you’ve elders in your home, and if their health concerns you, you can’t afford to miss it. Since, once you get it, you can turn your thoughts towards other things; you can give time to other family members as well.


Below are some features that would concrete your buying decision even more.


  • Are you in other continent? No problem! You can use make use of it all over the world. It will keep you in contact with others all the time.


  • The best thing is, you can set 5 different phone numbers for emergency situations. In case if somebody is trapped by some herculean task, the other person can pick the call and approach you at once. It’s like 5 people being at your service all day, day-to-day.


  • And, calling numbers aren’t the only best thing; it would send an SMS alert as well, as you click the button, so that everyone can get that you’re in trouble.


  • There are around 30 wireless sensors, including wireless panic emergency alarm button, plus the remote control, which work rather diligently. Besides, there are 2 wired ports too to connect wired sensors.


  • If you want to edit the numbers, specifically for SMS alerts, you can do that. This authority is in your hands, and you can do that anytime you want.


  • It doesn’t matter where you’re, the two ways special communication makes it immensely suitable for every situation; you won’t stay clueless at all.


  • Is it not working? Don’t worry, in case there is a power failure, or it stops working, you’ll get an SMS, so that you can fix the issue rather immediately. However, there is a 2 year warranty too; you can directly contact us using the link at the bottom of this page.


  • Lastly, and most importantly, there is a built-in backup rechargeable battery; it’s kind of like a support network, which would always support you if there is a power off.


GSM Panic Button Alarm – it’s a help on hand, 24 hours a day. Just press the button and your loved ones run towards you. These days, it’s gaining immense attention and praising words. In fact, the professional doctors are recommending it to their patients so that they can contact them in case there is urgency. If you love your parents, give it to them too as a gift; exhibit your love through it; tell them how much you care about their health. Trust me; you will see little pieces of happiness in their tears, as it could be the best loving gift for them.


User Manual of Panic Button Alarm System – PP-SB32





Panic Button Alarm System